The plot between Malešice and Hostivař planned for the development of Ústřední dílny (Central Workshops) (at that time the name of DPP was Elektrické podniky) was purchased in the 1920´s. At that time, however, the tram line ended in Nové Strašnice and both the Central Workshops and the track itself from the Černokostelecká loop were completed in August 1962. However, due to complications with the lack of rails the track had not been put into operation until May 1967. In October of the same year, the first tram to test the hydraulic jack appeared in the Central Workshops. However, regular tram inspections had been carried out in the area since September 1968.

Later all operations related to repairs of tram including the spare parts warehouses (workshop operations, body shop, repair shop for pantographs, bogies and electrical equipment, upholstery shop, paint shop, cabinet washroom, welding shop, testing shop, tram washroom and the testing track of the length of 450 meters) were moved to the new workshops of Dopravní podniky. By now bogies washing shop, refurbished paint-shop, workplace for the commissioning of trams before and after repairs and the oil draining workplace have been also opened in the area.
Tram cabinets are transported using air pillows.

The tram repair shop performs repairs and redesigns of trams, repairs of rotary machines for Metro traction within the available capacity of repair, redesign and production of special trams and other activities within the scope of the trade. It also has permission for external organizations.

It also provides activities and the coordination of tasks within its competence in the field of fire protection, health and safety and environmental protection, it approves and provides for the creation of the specified technical documentation to be bound for the establishment, it performs internal quality audits at the premises from the point of view of compliance with the documented quality system according to ISO standards and provides for the distribution of inspected documents under ISO 9001, it maintains the commercial and technical negotiations with external customers and the collaboration with CU in setting up commercial and technical conditions and contracts, it records contracts of the establishment with external buyers and it controls the quality - QMS built on the principles and requirements of ISO 9000 in the premises in the Tram Repair Shop and related departments in the unit of Tram Vehicle Management.

Already for the first certification the international certification company DET NORSKE VERITAS was chosen. Then division of Elektrické dráhy (tram division) had been the first unit of the Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, which became certified according to ISO 9002 for "Repair and modernization of electric machines, gearboxes and parts for rail vehicles". It was the first ISO certificate awarded in the area of the public transportation in the Czech Republic. In the cooperation with Det Norske Veritas, we have successfully upgraded our quality management system to its present form, when we have the certificate according to ISO 9001: 2008 for "Repair and upgrade of electrical machinery and apparatus of traction vehicles - bogies and bodies of trams, gearboxes and components for rail vehicles" valid by December 2012.


Tram Repair Plant
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