The beginnings of public transportation date back to 1875, when the first horse-drawn tram cars called horse trams appeared in big cities.

A few years later, on 12 May 1905 the first electric trams appeared, mainly thanks to efforts of the famous Czech engineer, industrialist and inventor František Křižík - he actually invented the electric streetcar in 1891. However, in the beginning of the twentieth century tramways were still powered by the electricity in rails rather than through electrical wires. At that time, trams were operated even across the Charles Bridge. In the 1950´s the first tram abbreviated "T" - T1 tram was invented.


In 2011 a massive upgrade of Prague tram fleet was started and the deliveries of new low-floor Škoda 15T cars resulted in the massive discard, scrapping and disposal of T3 trams, which however still occupy place in central depots and workshops. In the Central Workshops there is about 200 meter long track with 14 parked T3 cars and their modifications.

Currently Dopravní podnik Praha operates about a thousand tram that run along 32 lines.


Tram Repair Plant
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