The first car KT8N2 (KT8D5R.N2P) reg. no. 9082 was upgraded in 2004 and 2005 and brought from the plant in April 2005, after the test drives it was put into operation in September 2005. Other cars followed in number of about five pieces per year.

The conversion of all 47 KT8D5 trams is projected and the possibility of the renewal of the car 9006/9056 has been considered.

A part of KT8N2 cars was restored in Pars nova and the rest has been upgraded by DP in its central workshops. A special feature of KT8N2 is its registration number, which increased by 50 from the original number; following the upgrade the range will be 9051 to 9098.


Total vehicle length: 31,340 mm
Vehicle height: 3,145 mm
Vehicle width: 2,480 mm
Vehicle weight: 43,100 kg
The maximum number of seats / standing places: 46 + 4 glass. / 272 persons


Tram Repair Plant
U Vozovny 590/6
108 00 Praha 10