T3M car is the restored T3 vehicle, in which the classic electrical equipment with the acceleration was replaced in 1978 - 1981 by the TV1 equipment - Semiconductor with thyristors and the pulse control of acceleration and braking. With pulse control energy and heat losses are not as high as with the resistance equipment.

At first glance, it has different body with brake resistors at the back of the roof and the body of the controller on the left behind the driver. The cab is made of plexi-glass or upgraded according to the T3SU model. Disconnector - Earthing switch is on the left table in the cabin.

After initial problems (adding filter to the blinds of the motor-generator, etc.) these are very reliable cars suitable for busy city traffic with a slow moving in the hilly terrain. A part of the cars has even undergone second upgrade to T3R.P with IGBT transistors.

The first prototype of the T3M tram was the car, reg. no. 6000. It was made in 1971 and in 1973 was re-numbered to the registration number 8003 and began the trial operation with passengers in Prague. Eyewitnesses reported that initially when starting and braking the equipment generated a stable tone (chamber "a"). In 1980 the car was put off the operation and parked in the depot Hloubětín. After fire of the tram, reg. no. 8071 in 1992 car received its registration number. It was scrapped in 2005.

Prototypes of the serial modernization were T3 cars with the reg.. no. 6795 and 6798 made in 1970. After their upgrading to the type T3M in 1976 they were renumbered to the reg. no. 8005 and the 8006. Originally it was intended to keep the original number preceded by the letter "T" because the last three series of T3 were about to be completely rebuilt, but after the decision was made on a clear distinction between cars the new series was numbered. The letter "T" finally appeared on the cover of multi-sectional drawer of the trial series - T3M cannot be combined with T3.

The serial production of the thyristor equipment TV1 was launched in 1977. DP mounted it itself in trams within the Big Inspection using new cabling. Last TV1 supplies of equipment for Prague were carried out in 1980. Afterwards only General repairs of T3 started to be carried out.


Total vehicle length: 15,104 mm
Vehicle height: 3,060 mm
Vehicle width: 2,500 mm
Vehicle weight: 16,960 kg
The maximum number of seats / standing places: 24 / 138 persons


Tram Repair Plant
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