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T3 snow plows, reg. no. 5411 - 5419 were selected from vehicles discarded from passenger transport (type T3) and in Central Workshops they have undergone a complete renovation, bodywork repair and were repainted pursuant to the concept of T3 paint. Only white diagonal stripes have been added to the faces. The plow blade mounted under the front door was used from discarded snow plows of the first generation. The blade located at this place is the reason for shortening and disconnecting functionality of the left wing of the front door. The height of the snow blade is adjusted mechanically from the hole in the floor of the car using the key. The cab driver screen was dismantled and the car interior was divided with partitions. The original location of the air intake to the motor-generator blinds in the body under the window against the second door was found to be unsuitable (with regard to the possibility of snow intake). Therefore, the window located against the second door was cancelled and a new outlet for air intake was mounted in this space. Due to this adjustment two seats located against the other doors were removed from the car interior. The Střešovice - and therefore inherently museum - snow plow underwent the special adjustment. Original rewinding transparent with orientations was mounted at its side window and has been generally radically improved.


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