T3R.PLF (registration number 8251-8283) cars are the low-floor variant of the T3 tram upgrade (digital), traction equipment TV Progress - type CDC161 PNF in the roof design. Again, it's newly delivered body of the partially low-floor vehicle (listed as modernized).

In Prague, the first new cars were going to be operated solo but later a requirement came to create a partially low-floor tram units. The first car is always low-floor tram T3R.PLF. It shall not be coupled to the second car of this type (only for handling purposes), it is 1 m longer than T3 cars, and does not indicate a "request for the platform" from the rear car due to the original assignment. The second car of the train mostly is the tram T3R.P with "retro" paint. It is equipped in the same way as T3R.R cars, plus in the low-floor part there is boarding platform for boarding and disembarking of persons with reduced mobility. The platform is only manually operated by the driver, it is equipped with signaling of the location of the lifted platform and the journey with platform in a non-lifted position is blocked. A part of the vehicles have the built-in air-conditioning. The unit is located on the roof in the front part of the car.


Total vehicle length: 16,200 mm
Vehicle height: 3,185 mm
Vehicle width: 2,480 mm
Vehicle weight: 19,675 kg
The maximum number of seats / standing places: 22 + 1/149 persons


Tram Repair Plant
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