T3R.PV cars (registration number 8151 to 8185) are other options for upgrading T3 car, completed with the electric traction equipment from CEGELEC, TV Progress - CDC100 B type.

The cars were at first equipped with an analog controller (T3R.P_a) of the pulse converters and later with digital one (T3R.P_D). In the premises of the original contactor frames and accelerator two traction containers with controllers are located.

The first car with the TV Progres (Alstom) equipment with IGBT transistors in 2000 was the vehicle 6554. In addition to mounting the equipment the vehicle was not restored and served to validate the properties of new elements. In 2002, the new TV Europulse equipment was installed within the testing operation and was operated until 2005, when it was upgraded to the T3R.P 8300 series car.

In 2000, trams of T3 type began to be upgraded to T3R.P initially in Pars nova Šumperk (cars 8211-8245) and then in the central workshops (other reg. no.). They are equipped with upholstered seats, static converters with motor-ventilators, recovery system, anti-slip / skid protection, new drive of doors, electric sandblasts, non-slip flooring and the information system.

With some T3 trams their upgrade was not costly effective because of poor technical condition of the body. Thus a new car body VarCB3 was developed and the type with this body was designated as T3R.PV. Therefore, it is actually a new tram but the cars are registered as upgraded T3 trams.


Total vehicle length: 15,104 mm
Vehicle height: 3,060 mm
Vehicle width: 2,500 mm
Vehicle weight: 17,260 kg
The maximum number of seats / standing places: 22 / 138 persons


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