The car T6A5 (reg. no. 8601-8750) is the one-way car with semiconductor TV 3 control (PE 55 A, PE 55 B) - thyristors, with pulse control of acceleration and braking with the anti-slip and anti-shear protection.

The car is equipped with three hinged IFE doors with the protection against passenger pinching, automatic SECHERON couplers, FAINSA seats protected against vandalism. The ventilation windows move outwards towards the salon. Glasses of the driver’s cab have reduced throughput of UV radiation. The car has one driver's post. Driving of the car is - unlike the previous types manual – using the controller level. At the post there is the electrical control of mirrors, additional ventilation etc.

As the ongoing renewal of the obsolete T3SU fleet with inefficient resistive equipment was not a good solution, during the 1980´s CKD worked on projects of the next generation trams (T5A5, KT8D5). ČKD at the turn of the 1980´s and 1990´s developed the successor of T3 - type T6A5, the four-axle tram, which was produced from 1991 to 1998. T6A5 trams have been derived from T6B5 models supplied to the USSR and T6A2 supplied to Eastern Germany (former GDR).

DP has ordered a total of 150 pieces of T6A5 trams, which were delivered in three tranches in the years 1995, 1996 and 1997 with reg. no. 8601 - 8750. Cars have double tailgate doors, semi-pantographs, manual controllers and they are connected with semi-automatic couplers. Trams delivered in 1995 use 1+1 seating and other use 1+2 seating. The cars are in operation both solo and in pairs. Both cars are traction-connected and use the front semi-pantograph. They are equipped with non-slip flooring, plastic seats with a textile cover, hinged windows, information system – the side system was completed to the first series. Always two motors are connected in series and are powered by one pulse inverter. The cars are equipped by multi-sectional control and semi-automatic couplers permit driving using the front pantograph.

Another attempt to upgrade T3 was the only vehicle of the T6A5.3 type, completed in 1998, which was put into the regular operation under the reg. no. 8600.

The car T6A5.3 originated in the second half of the 1990´s as an attempt to modernize the T3 car with the new car body mounted on the original bogies. Given the cost of the body, which was almost equal to the price of the new tram, this upgrade was abandoned. DP employees nicknamed this car “street mixture”. Bogies and some other parts were used from T3. Common bogies were eventually replaced with testing ones with the two-stage suspension from T3R 8200. In addition the original pantograph was replaced by the semi-pantograph. Compared to other T6A5 trams T6A5.3 has more sophisticated electrical equipment of TV14 type with the transistor control with CAN communications and standard couplers of the Prague type. The car was produced within the cooperation of ČKD, which delivered a new car body, and DP, which delivered redeveloped parts from the T3 car.


Total vehicle length: 15,640 mm
Vehicle height: 3,160 mm
Vehicle width: 2,500 mm
Vehicle weight: 20,630 kg
The maximum number of seats / standing places: 25 / 147 persons


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